While it doesn't hurt that there are handsome men that play, you'll find that the sport has a lot more to offer the LGBTQA community. Don't believe us? Take a look at these five reasons why you should play rugby.

5. It is the most inclusive sport in the world.

First, there is a network of International Gay Rugby (IGR) teams dedicated to promoting equality and diversity through rugby. Second, USA Rugby (the governing body of all US rugby teams) has promised to help end homophobia in rugby with IGR. Third, there are numerous gay and straight allies in the sport including Keegan Hirst (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats), Nigel Owens (Welsh International referee), Gareth Thomas (former Wales captain, and James Haskell (Wasps Rugby).

4. It gives you a reason to travel the world.

Do you like experiencing new things? A great perk of playing rugby is getting to visit different cities, and sometimes even countries, to play the sport we love. Our team has traveled to cities including Nashville, Columbus, Dallas, and Chicago. We also take part in the biennial international Bingham Cup which in 2018 is being hosted by the Amsterdam Lowlanders. You get to explore these places with a group of guys you'll end up calling family.

3. It can give you a place to belong.

Every sport has a team environment but rugby does it better. You don't join just one team, but rather the entire rugby community. Remember those cities we visit? Most of the time we stay with the hosting team and build friendships with them. That's nothing compared to the fact we spend 90 minutes killing each other and then drink with each other for the rest of the night as old buddies. You're in a brotherhood once you join a team.

2. It promotes body positivity.

We are always asking people if they have ever considered playing rugby and if they want to join. Many of the responses that we receive include "...but I'm too tiny" or "...but I'm not in shape." Men of all shapes and sizes play rugby. You can be chubby or skinny. You can be tall or short. There is going to be a place for you in rugby. We encourage you to check our roster for proof.

1. It allows you to break stereotypes.

Fairy. Queen. Flamer. There's a stereotype that gay and bisexual men cannot play sports or if we do, we won't be good. We all know that's false but think of it this way. Next time someone decides to call you out, how about you show them a picture of you tackling someone to the ground or scoring at try (what we call a touchdown). Also, you get to be a role model in your community. You're the guy who showed someone else that they could play rugby too. How powerful is that?!


You know why you should play rugby, so what are you waiting for? Get a hold of us today and come try IT out! Even if you're not in the St. Louis area, contact us and we'll try to point you in the right direction of one of our brother clubs.

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