Foster Courtney, a Crusader forever


The first time these words were used was on July 4, 2012. It marked the one year anniversary of a tragic event that claimed the life of one of our own. Foster Courtney was only 29 years old at the time of his death leaving friends and family behind. Teammates said he was one of the funniest people they had ever met and that he was a ray of sunshine.

Today, the words are spoken by every Crusader on the field throughout every match. You will also hear players saying it to each other in everyday conversation. The phrase “With You” has become more than just a saying and has developed into the overall mindset of the team.

May every Crusader (whether past, present, or future) know that we take care of our own and support you. When we say “With You", we mean:

“We are a team, we are a family, we are a brotherhood, and we are forever #WithYou."


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