Our name and emblem

Designed by Dustin Powell

Designed by Dustin Powell



The city of St. Louis is named for a French king, Louis IX. Louis had a long and eventful reign, which we won't go into here, and was canonized after his death. Like most saints, Louis has been represented many times in art: in painting, statues, even the walls in the U.S. House of Representatives and Supreme Court chambers. One particularly notable image for us though is an iconic statue entitled "Apotheosis of Saint Louis", depicting a crowned Saint Louis in 13th-century armor on horseback, presumably riding to battle in one of his two Crusades. This statue was the emblem of the city until the Gateway Arch was built in the 1960s and it helped in spire the "Crusaders" name.



Our team colors are red, white, and black. The red and white came with our name - the knights who fought alongside Louis in the Crusades wore white tunics with red crosses - though we've placed more emphasis on the red (which symbolizes courage) than the original knights. The black entered later as a symbol of dedication.

In the start of the 2016-2017 season, the St. Louis Crusaders moved away from the coat of arms logo to the current image. It was developed to better reflect where the team came from and where they saw themselves moving towards. The new image features a single Crusader charging forward into battle with a shield and a sword. The sword is a sign of courage and strength, the shield is a sign of our protection for one another, and the Crusader represents all team members past, present, and future.