The Bingham Cup is a biennial, international rugby tournament celebrating gay and inclusive rugby clubs. It was named in honor of Mark Bingham who helped start two of the first premier gay rugby clubs (the San Francisco Fog and the Gotham Knights) and is internationally known as one of the heroes of 9/11. He helped forged the plan that took down United Airlines Flight 93 crashing the plane into a vacant field in Pennsylvania instead of its target of Washington D.C. At the time of Bingham’s death, only six gay and inclusive rugby clubs existed worldwide. Today, there are over 100.

Currently, we are the only International Gay Rugby (IGR) team in our union comprised of seven states meaning we represent Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Arkansas. We hope that one day this will change but until then, we are proud to be the face of the Mid-American Rugby Football Union at The Bingham Cup.

2018 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The team is set to depart on June 5 for this year's Bingham Cup and is joining forces with a few other teams under our name to round out our numbers. Check back during the time of the tournament for updates on the team's performance and ranking.

2016 - Nashville, TN, USA

This marked the first time the Crusaders attended this event as a team rather than sending a few individuals. The team reached the semi-finals of Division III competing for the Challenger Julep and played a total of five matches across three days against the Chicago Dragons, the Dallas Lost Souls, and an amalgamated team made up of members from the Seattle Quake, Portland Lumberjacks, New Zealand Falcons and San Francisco Fog, and the Armada Montreal.

Result: 1-1-3

STL v Chicago: WIN
STL v Dallas: LOSS
STL v Pacific Rimmers: TIE
STL v Montreal: LOSS
STL v Chicago: LOSS (Semi-Finals)


For photos from Day 1 matches, click here. You can find Day 2 match photos here. The Semi-Final match photos can be found here.