What got you interested in rugby and why did you join the Crusaders?

Ultimately, it was being approached by one of the Crusaders (thanks, Timmy!) who told me “Hey, come check out a practice!” Using a nasty break-up as a catalyst for change, I was looking for a way of augmenting my fitness and athletic goals. Joining a team seemed most pragmatic. It just so happened to be in the most brutal of sports.    

What position(s) do you play?

Originally, I trained as a Forward/Lock. Those are the tall, beefy-with-the-good-marbling guys that throw themselves into the opposing team so as to defend the ball. You can imagine a Saturday night at JJ’s Clubhouse and get the right idea. However, in my very first game ever, I ended up playing Wing— that’s usually reserved for the smaller, lighter, jalapeno-in-their-asses sprinters, who sort of swoop in unexpectedly and score points. I guess a sack of potatoes like me is a helluva surprise for the other team!

How long have you played rugby?

This is my first season unless we reference the aforementioned JJ’s Clubhouse scenario, in which case the answer is years, honey.

What do you do for a living?

Having arduously studied French and Psycho/Sociolinguistics in my undergrad, I now tell people not to touch art at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

What's a fun fact about you?

I’m actually an 84-year-old woman in a 23-year-old male body and do a variety of textile arts. Mostly knitting, though.

What's your favorite thing about rugby?

I never believed that I had any athletic value other than being able to lift beers to my mouth in rapid succession until I joined the Crusaders. Furthermore, they have reinforced and reintroduced me to skills that I had either forgotten or never knew I had in the first place. Just a weekly practice keeps me afloat for the next week, because after all these years of searching, and worrying, and fearing, I finally feel like I belong somewhere in this world. And for however briefly that lasts, it’s more than enough. Also, I’m getting ripped and losing weight, so.

Do you have any advice for people who are on the fence about playing?

The threat of pulling a muscle or pushing yourself to your physical limits hasn’t stopped you from throwing yourself at men before. Why should a bit of clothing and a singular ball?

Overall, how has rugby affected your life?

It has aided me in controlling and overcoming my anxiety; it has built up my confidence within myself, and it has given me a sense of solidarity and camaraderie that I had previously lacked in the LGBT community.